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  • Is LULUMEDIC a certified medical tourism company recognized by the South Korean Government?

    Yes, LULUMEDIC is a certified company that has been authorized by the Korean Government to attract global patients, and therefore LULUMEDIC is a legitimate company that approves medical connections and transparently reports taxes for all sales to the Government. You can check the certification below

  • Am I available to visit some tourist attractions in South Korea during the recovery period after surgery?

    Yes, LULUMEDIC has prepared a tourism program for your in time of your recovery. You are free to visit famous attractions in South Korea during the remaining time. If you have any specific places you wish to visit, LULUMEDIC will provide necessary information for safe and comfortable tourism.

  • What procedure do I need to take to visit South Korea?

    You must submit the required documents for Visa issuance according to the guidance of LULUMEDIC employees. You will need to personally book your flight ticket after receiving the Visa. The accommodation will be prepared in a convenient hotel where is close to the hospital responsible for the surgery in Seoul area. After arriving in South Korea, LULUMEDIC provides transportation from the airport to the accommodation.

  • What should I do when I return to my home country after undergoing surgery in Korea, and if there is any inconvenience after the surgery?

    LULUMEDIC has our own guaranteed clinical service and it covers all necessary parts of your revisiting due to any discomforts after surgery. You will have a conversation with a doctor in South Korea and will be given appropriate guidance for your revisit and treatment.

  • Can I choose any plastic surgery hospital in South Korea that I want?

    LULUMEDIC selects the best plastic surgeons in South Korea based on our own criteria and collaborates with them. Therefore, you can only choose the plastic surgery hospitals which are introduced through LULUMEDIC.

  • Has LULUMEDIC prepared a service for Muslim customers?

    Yes, LULUMEDIC has prepared all services for Muslims who want to visit South Korea for medical purposes.